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FREE KN2400 Sounds available to download in the Members Area.

Technics KN2400

Technics KN2400 Keyboard: Digital Keyboard with 61 Keys, 64 note polyphony, Initial Touch, and 1064 Sounds. The KN2400 is one of the later keyboards in the range with a superb feature set and stunning instrument sounds. If you have questions for other owners of the KN2400 or have tips and experiences to share, join in the discussion below and you will get a quick response to your query either from us or from other members.

User Manual

Technics KN2400
User Manual

Download KN2400 User Manual



Technics KN2400

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Technics Software: Downloads

The software was provided on a CD. There are issues with installing the software on some newer versions of Windows. Read more about installing Windows driver software on our companion site

Song Manager software

1: Upload and Download Songs Simply: Connect the instrument to your PC with a single USB cable to transfer song data. It's that easy.

2: Upload Pictures Use pictures that you have taken with a digital still camera and saved onto your PC to make slide shows.

Audio Recorder software

Record and play digital audio using your PC! Record your performance as WAV (16-bit, 44.1-kHz stereo) or compress the file as Windows Media Format, or MP3, depending on how you want to use it. For example, you could send compressed files as e-mail attachments or burn CD-R discs from high quality WAV files.

*Some audio files created using other applications cannot be opened by Audio Recorder.
*Compressed digital audio data cannot be converted into WAV format or re-compressed into other formats.

Technics KN2400 Video

Technics KN2400 Keyboard

Technics KN2400 Discussion

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Technics KN2400 Specification

Keyboard61 keys (with initial touch)
Sound GeneratorPCM
Maximum Polyphony64 notes
Wheelpitch bend
Chord FinderYes
One-Touch PlayYes
Sound ArrangerYes
Music Style ArrangerYes
Sound Editeasy edit, tone, pitch, filter, amplitude, LFO, effect, controller
memory: 40, 1 user drum kit
Panel Memory8 x 3 banks, set, next bank, bank view
Performance PadsYes
CompatibilityNX, GM2, GM, SMF w/ Lyrics
Direct PlaySMF (0/1), DOCTM
Speakers14cm (5 1/2") x 2
6.5cm (2 9/16") x 2
Microphone InputYes
One Touch PlayYes
Music Style ArrangerYes
Auto Play ChordYes
USB PortYes
NX Sound with ExpandabilityYes
Brass SimulatorYes
16-Track SequencerYes
Eight-Track ComposerYes
Customizable Color LCDYes
Separate DSP Effects and MixingYes
MIDI JacksYes
Dimensions (H x W x D)6 3/8'' x 41 5/8'' x 15 29/32''
Weight25.1 lbs