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Technics KN6500

Technics KN6500 Keyboard: Technics digital Keyboard with 64-Note Polyphony, 1,065 Sounds, and Wide-Screen Color LCD Display.

User Manual

Technics KN6500
User Manual

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Technics KN6500

Technics SX-KN6500 Styles


Technics Software: Downloads

The software was provided on a CD. There are issues with installing the software on some newer versions of Windows. Read more about installing Windows driver software on our companion site

Song Manager software

1: Upload and Download Songs Simply: Connect the instrument to your PC with a single USB cable to transfer song data. It's that easy.

2: Upload Pictures Use pictures that you have taken with a digital still camera and saved onto your PC to make slide shows.

Audio Recorder software

Record and play digital audio using your PC! Record your performance as WAV (16-bit, 44.1-kHz stereo) or compress the file as Windows Media Format, or MP3, depending on how you want to use it. For example, you could send compressed files as e-mail attachments or burn CD-R discs from high quality WAV files.

*Some audio files created using other applications cannot be opened by Audio Recorder.
*Compressed digital audio data cannot be converted into WAV format or re-compressed into other formats.

Technics KN6500 Video

Technics KN6500

Technics KN6500 Discussion

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Please help. Very slight and distorted sound from right speakers inc. headphones

rmaskrey on
March 26, 2019 at
8:56 PM
admin on
April 1, 2019 at
12:38 AM
1315 1

KN6500 Specification

Keyboard61 keys (with initial/after touch)
Sound GeneratorDynamic PCM
Maximum Polyphony64 notes
Number of Sounds1,065 preset sounds, 36 drum kits, 2 digital drawbars, 40 sound memories, 1 user drum kit
SoundsPiano, Guitar, Strings & Vocal, Brass, Mallet & Orch Perc, World, Organ & Accordion, Sax & Woodwind, Pad, Synth,Bass, Drum Kit, Digital Drowbar, Accordion Register, Memory
Sound ExplorerYes
EffectsPART: sound DSP effect x 5, digital effect, sustain, part equalizerGLOBAL: reverb, chorus, multi/mic effect, mic reverb, total equalizer
Conductorright 1, right 2, left
Transpose2 octave : C (-1 octave) ˜ C ˜ C (+1 octave)
Number of RhythmsPreset: 220 patterns x 4 variations (8 parts with 2 DSP effects), intro/ending minor sequenceCustom Style: 20 patterns with registration
Rhythm Group8 & 16 Beat, Rock & Pop, Ballad, Soul & Funk, Modern Dance, Gospel & Blues, Country & Western, March & Waltz, Big Band & Swing, Jazz Combo, Ballroom, Latin & World, Tntertainer, Movie & Show, Custom, Memory
Controlsmain volume, APC/sequencen volume, balance, mute, conductor, start/stop, intor & ending 1, intro & ending 2, fill in 1, fill in 2, count intro, synchro & break, tempo/program, tap tempo, fade in/out, split point, R1/R2 octave
Techni-Chord14 types
One-Touch PlayYes
Sound ArrangerYes
Music Style ArrangerYes
MIDIpart setting, control messages, real time messages, common setting, input/output setting, MIDI presets, mode setting, program change MIDI out, panel memory output, computer connection
Sound Editeasy edit, tone, pitch, filter, amplitude, LFO, effect, controllermemory: 40, 1 user drum kit
Sequencer Storage Capacityapprox. 40,000 notes, 10 songs max, 16 track recording
Sequencer Resolution1/96 per beat
Sequencer Recording Modeseasy record, real time record, step record
Sequencer Functionsrecord & edit, copy & paste, range edit, naming, panel write
Composer Storage Capacityapprox. 13,000 notes
Composer Parts8 parts (bass, accomp 1-5, drums 1, 2)
Composer Recording Modeseasy composer, real time record, step record
Composer Functionspattern copy, custom style copy, sequencer to composer copy, load single composer, DSP set, chord modify set
Composer Memory3 banks x 20 patterns (variations 1-4, intro 1, 2, fill in 1, 2, ending 1, 2)
Program MenusSound: part setting, mixer, master tuning, key scaling, techni-chord, sound load optionReverb & Effect: MIC reverb & effect, sound load option, allocation, mixer, sound DSP, multi, chorus, reverb, equalizerControl: initial, overal
Demo12 songs with slide show
Panel Memory13 banks (10 banks + 3 work banks) x 8, set, next bank, bank view
Performance Pads6 pads x 26 banks (preset bank x 20, pads user bank x 3: storage capacity = approx. 1800 notes, compile bank x 2, control preset bank x 1)Functions: stop, auto setting, real time record, step record, clear & copy setting
Karaoke Lyrics On DisplayYes
CompatibilityNX, GM2, GM, SMF w/ Lyrics
Music Stylist1,080 music stylesSelection: musical category, musical era, alphabetical list, custom stylist
Direct PlaySMF (0/1), PianoDisc®, DOCTM
DisplayWide Color Graphic LCD (640 x 240 dots), page, contrast, exit, display hold
Terminalsphones, line out (R/R+L, L), aux in (R/R+L, L), microphone input, foot switch 1, foot switch 2, foot controller, expression pedal, MIDI (IN, OUT, THRP), computer with MIDI/PC1/PC2/MAC SW
Output66W (18W x 2 for mid/high, 30W x 1 for bass)
Speakers12cm (4 23/32") x 26.5cm (2 9/16") x 2 for mid/high14cm (5 1/2") x 1 for bass
Included Accessoriesmusic stand, AC cord, style convert disk, initial data disk
Digital EffectNo
Touch SensitivityNo
Key SplitNo
Simple PianoNo
Microphone InputNo
Piano Ambience EffectNo
Key ScalingNo
Disk Drivebuilt-in 3.5" floppy disk drive for 2HD (1.44MB)/2DD (720kB) disks
Piano StylistNo
One Touch PlayYes
Music Style SelectNo
Techni-Chord OrchestratorNo
Music Style ArrangerNo