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Technics KN901

Technics SX-KN901: Sounds and rhythms for any repertoire. Now playing beautiful music can be for everyone. In fact, the new Technics SX-KN901 keyboard can help you play beautifully from the beginning. This incredibly simple-to-play instrument lets you choose from an impressive array of 200 preset sounds created with Technics' own Dynamic PCM. They include a variety of acoustic instruments like piano, organ, strings and brass, and more contemporary instrument sounds like the distortion guitar.

User Manual

Download the Technics KN901 Keyboard User Manual as a PDF file. Right-click on the link and select "Save as".


Sales Brochure

Download the Technics KN901 Keyboard original Sales Brochure as a PDF file. Right-click on the link and "Save as".


The KN901 can read Technics KN2000 Styles, there are hundreds available in the Members Area for FREE

Technics KN901 Continued...

If that doesn't make it easy enough, there's even 100 preset rhythms that cover a versatile range of music genres, from traditional styles like Euro Combo mixed with accordion sound to ever popular patterns like U.S. Rock, Dance and Rap.

You can even play variations of each. Of course. The SX-KN901 also incorporates 32-note polyphony and initial touch-sensitive keys to give your music that polished professional sound.
Superb sound controls at your command. Designed for maximum enjoyment and ease of use, the SX-KN901 offers plenty of exciting sound effect features you'll love to use.


Few good images exist of the Technics sx-KN901. The image above was created by compositing three pictures from the original KN901 brochure. This Sales Brochure is available to download on this page.

I still have my KN901 but having used it to play hundreds of gigs many years ago it is a little worse for wear. Certainly not good enough to take a photo of. The KN901 also suffers from yellowing keys, it doesn't detract from the sound of course but doesn't make for the greatest photos.

The 901 graphite & latex contacts wore out quite quickly and I replaced mine a few times. The contacts were moulded in octaves so you would buy the particular octave you needed. When Technics stopped supplying the contacts I had to cut short strips of working contacts out of the old ones, to repair a few keys at a time. Some of the keys now ring out very loudly when it is played. This can be 'cured' by turning off the touch sensitivity... but who wants to do that!

Technics KN901 Demos

As I don't have any Technics sx-KN901 demos by others available I have uploaded some recordings I made for my children about 15 years ago, key-crunches and all. The audio quality is not excellent either, they were recorded on cassette tape.

Most of the recordings were using Hammond MidiStep Bass pedals and some use the built-in bass styles.

If the songs sound familiar, you might well have seen me performing at a circus!

Technics KN901 Video

Technics KN901 Video

Technics KN901 Discussion

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