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Technics U30

Technics SX-U30: For The Pleasure Of Performing, Added Chord And Tone Capabilities. With the world's first Program Chord Computer, the SX-U30 memorizes up to 100 chords for accompaniment as you play the melody. Featuring four basic pitch levels (footages), both the beginner and advanced player can evoke expression with the preset rhythms and Percussive Tone function.

Technics SX-U30

Technics U30
User Manual

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Technics U Series

Technics SX-U30
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Technics SX-U30 Organ

As a further feature, the Techni-Chord transfers the lower manual chords to the upper keyboard as accompaniment for the melody, using only one finger.

The Harp Arpeggio brings the luxury of sequential tones to provide a professional background to the lead melody. The Auto Play Chord offers one finger performance with the effect of chords and bass.

Fill-in & Intro gives that special rhythmic touch to a total performance.

Added features are the Sustain function and Glide control for Hawaiian melodies with steel guitar timbre.

SX-U30 Manual

We are very grateful to CameraTim for scanning and preserving the Technics U Series User Manual and for providing the manual to

The Technics U Series manual covers U30, U40, U50, U60 and U90 in English, French and German.

See CameraTim's Technics U90 Review Here

More Info

We'll include additional SX-U30 information as soon as possible. Please start a topic in the U30 discussion area further down the page.

Technics U30 Video

We're unable to locate a Technics SX-U30 video, if you have one please let us know! The demo below is from the Technics U Series of Organs so it sounds similar to a U30. The organ is a U50 by MrWurlitzerMad on YouTube. If you have a recording or video of the U30 let us know and we'll publish it here!

Technics U30

Technics U30 Discussion

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