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Technics AX7

Technics Synthesiser: SX-AX7 As a former owner of a Technics AX7 keyboard I can vouch for the fact that it was way ahead of its time when it was released. The Technics SX-AX7 is a PCM synthesizer without a filter. It has unique synthesis engine called PCM2 (PCM Squared), which mixes 3 waveforms. SX-AX7 is an 8 note polyphonic, 4-part multitimbral PCM synthesizer workstation with a PCM drum machine. I'll update this page with some of my recordings, software and other information in due course. Technics SX-AX7 manuals are available to download on this page. Please contribute to the discussion below for the benefit of all AX7 owners.

Technics SX-AX7 User Manual

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Technics SX-AX7 Synth Software

Technics Synth

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Technics SX-AX7 Manuals



Technics SX-AX7 Information

  • 8-polyphonic, 4-part multitimbral PCM synthesizer workstation with a PCM drum machine. 
  • 3 OSC architecture without a filter. A sound is made of Attack Source (1 OSC) and Body Source (2 OSC).
  • The Attack Source is basically a short transient sample like Roland D-50 / D-110 .
  • The Body Source is a combination of 2 samples called Basic and Harmonics. They seem to be basically single-cycle waveforms, and some Harmonics waveforms includes 'Spectrum' type longer loops.
  • The Basic sets the overall character of the Body Source, and the Harmonics determines the second waveform added to it. Harmonics volume works like a static filter.
  • 2 Amp envelopes for Basic and Harmonics. They have ADSR relative change parameters. 
  • Both Basic and Harmonics have 2 LFOs for pitch and amp (that is, 4 in total), controlled by rate variation, depth, speed and delay.
  • Auto bend can be set differently for both Basic and Harmonics. Portamento is also available, which was a rare feature for PCM synths in the 80s.
  • 2 FX - chorus and reverb. 
  • Big custom LCD display with 10-step parameter graphics. 
  • SysEx only supports bank dump. You can save your data through MIDI, but making PC editor is impossible.

Technics SX-AX7 Sound Examples

Sound examples of SX-AX7 will be added in due course. Please contact us if you are able to record sound samples for us!

Related Technics AX Keyboard Models

SX-AX7 is the highest version of the PCM2 AX series. SX-AX5 is the version without reverb, and SX-AX3 is the version with less waveforms.

Technics SM-PS50 is a dual channel PCM playbacker with analog chorus. Though SM-PS50 have longer samples, there is some shared sound character.

Technics SX-AX7 Synth Video

Technics AX7 Synthesiser keyboard

Technics AX7 Synth Discussion

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Technics sx-AX7 information - The AX7 has arrived!

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