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Technics K300

Technics K300 Keyboard: It can sound like anything from a jazz combo to a rock band. And record like a multi-track studio. Introducing the Technics SX-K300 PCM keyboard.

User Manual

Technics SX-K300
User Manual

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Technics K300

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Technics: The Science of Sound

The peal of brass. The whisper of the strings. The rhythm of percussion.

These PCM sounds, and more, are all at your fingertips. Because they're all stored in the memory of the new Technics SX-K300 portable keyboard with MIDI capability.

And to mix everything together, the SK-K300 features a 4-channel play sequencer that's like a multi-track recorder. With it you can play and record presets, bass lines and separate left and right voices on four tracks. Then play back one track or any combination of tracks simultaneously with your live performance.

And with the MIDI terminals you can interface with up to 16 other MIDI keyboards, an external sequencer or even a computer. Which means the SX-K300 can handle the demands of today's music. And tomorrow's.

The Technics SX-K300 keyboard. It can take your music as far as your imagination will go. Maybe even further.

Technics K300 User Manual

TECHNICS SX-K300 USER MANUAL -  Please log in to download.

Technics K300 User Manual German

TECHNICS SX-K300 USER MANUAL GERMAN DEUTSCH -  Please log in to download.

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Technics K300

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Technics SX-K300 User Manual is available to download

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