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Technics U25

Technics U25: A More Advanced Organ With Computer Programming For Chord Sequencing. Offering the possibility of programming the full sequence of chords for an entire musical score, the SX-U25 opens a new vista for organ performance.

Technics SX-U25

Technics U25
User Manual

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Technics U Series

Technics SX-U25
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Technics SX-U25 Organ

This Program Chord Computer frees the left hand to produce variations in the registration for both keyboards.

The Techni-Chord brings block chords from the lower keyboard to the upper keyboard automatically as each melody note is played.

For jazz and rock organ sounds, the Percussive Tone provides a "percussive" effect at the beginning of a note, and this effect can be added to other voices.

Fill-in & Intro plus the Percussive Presets round out the percussion effects. Tremolo and Chorus add a somewhat professional touch and the Symphonic Arpeggio transforms the chords into harplike patterns.

A shelf is provided under the keyboard for storage of music, headphones, and other accessories.

SX-U25 Manual

We are very grateful to CameraTim for scanning and preserving the Technics U Series User Manual and for providing the manual to

The Technics U Series manual covers U30, U40, U50, U60 and U90 in English, French and German. The U 25 is a very similar organ and you'll find most of the information you need in this manual.

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We'll include additional SX-U25 information as soon as possible. Please start a topic in the U25 discussion area further down the page.

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Technics U25

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